1. Apple pie fries are a great alternative to apple pie. To some (including myself) these are even better Cooktop-AppleFriesthan your apple pie. These are great finger food snacks. Crunchy, Sweet and easy to pick up and snack on. The recipe includes an apple filling, 2 piecrusts top and bottom (with apple filling in the middle) – egg wash, sprinkles of cinimon and sugar and and oven – optional is a caramel topping. View the full Recipe here


2. This recipe involves granny smith apples, Flower, Cinimaon, Sugar, eggs, Milk, baking soda and aDelish-fried-Apple-Fries pinch of salt all mixed together making the batter – dip the apples in the batter – fry them up in a pan with vegetable oil followed by a quick dip in some more sugar and cinimon. See if you can let them cool down before eating – it will be hard to wait.  Get the full recipe





3.  Cracker Barrel Apple Fries – These are more sauteed then fried but super delicious.  You will need CrackerBarrel Apple FriesGolden Delicious apples , apple Cider, Cornstarch, Nutmeg, Lemon Juice.  You will slice the apples up, saute in the butter, mix up the other ingredients and then add it to the pan.  What you get in the end can only be described as – YUM!  Full Recipe



4.  Apple Fries with Caramel – Looking for a great tasting apple pie flavor with out the work of making FamFav-AppleFries-a full apple pie?  This recipe starts with real fresh apple slices.
Check out these delicious tasting apple fries with a caramel cream dipping sauce.  Not only will you love this dessert or snack it will make your house smell great.  For the full recipe checkout the recipe here




With any of these 4 Recipes you are bouned to get you apple fries craving taken care of in a big way.  Try these out and let me know what you think or like best.