Nice to meet you all! My name is Jenny and I have been a “professional” Stay-At-Home-Mom for 11 years.   I have always had a passion for cooking and I love nothing more than entertaining the most important people in my life.   I think a happy home is a home full of smiling faces and cozy tummies.   The more the merrier.

We love to have our friends over and we love to entertain.   Since I was a teenager, I have been manipulating recipes for main dishes, appetizers and desserts.  I have played around with designing my own recipes to make foods easier to create in the home kitchen, as well as trying different creations to make meals healthier.

Over the last 8 years, I have spent most of my time professionally working as a Mommy.  However, any free time I have, I spend in the kitchen cooking and designing shortcuts to creating fantastic cuisine at a fraction of the price.   I realized over the last 3 years, as the economy shifted, I needed a way to make wonderful food at an amazing price.  SO, with my past and present self-taught knowledge I’ve created ways to entertain on a budget,  with eco-friendly options in mind, all the while designing tasty meals and snacks for all our family and friends.

I hope you enjoy reading my updates and recipes as much as I love sharing them!  Eat, Be Free, and Have Fun!