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Gingerbread House Building – Trader Joes Kit

It’s that time of season again. Well at least I think it is.  Is two days away from December consider the Christmas season? Well whether it is or isn’t my kids are ready to get their gingerbread house making on.  We got our Gingerbread House Making Kit from Trader Joes. I don’t know if everyone has a Trader Joes in their area or if its just in certain areas but we can not live with out it.  Best grocery store ever — but I digress. So kiddos both have their own kit and we decided to build them tonight. The kits come in a cool triangle shape – to build a cool A Frame style ginger house. Ill detail the easy steps below with some fun fam pics along the way.  Tis the Season (I think 🙂 ) Hope you enjoy! Open up your pack and this is what you get on the inside.  The gingerbread, Frosting package (used for gluing everything together) little people for decoration, M&Ms, Gummies, and sprinkles which are sure to make a total mess – but all in good fun. Mixing the Icing AKA Gingerbread House Mortar In this step you are going to make the Icing that binds everything together.  You will start with a single egg white and whisk it up.  Then Add it to the Powder Sugar and mix it up...

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Easy White Bean Hummus Dip and Pita Chips

Another Easy Recipe for you here today.  Today we are making our easy white bean hummus dip – and make sure to not forget the Pita Chips! In a hurry? Download Recipe Here: When we say easy – I want to make sure you are not thinking bland and boring.  Here at Lemon Kitchen since we know how hectic it gets day to day – our goal is always to make something that tastes super good but is not a hassle to make. This white bean hummus dips is a great snack or appetizer for any event.  And it...

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SMART Goal Setting Activities That Work 2018

Every year right after Christmas we sit down and write goals to start off the New Year. And every year those goals get lost a couple of months later – at least for a lot of us. So this year maybe change the way you set goals and get SMART about it. SMART has been around since 1981 when George Doran wrote about it in … Setting goals using SMART is different in that it brings some structure to your goal setting. With SMART you are no longer just putting your goal on paper – you are also providing...

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Quick Easy and Delicious Recipes

Are you tired of always trying to come up with a new dinner for the family? Its stressful – we know. Let us send you our Favorite Recipes.

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