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The Busy Parent’s Easy Caprese Salad Recipe!!!

For any busy parent, time is of the essence!! We only have a few moments a day to get everyone else fed, and off to school and all their events.. let alone FEED OURSELVES!! Well, here is my answer to this classic problem… This is so easy and you probably have all the exact needed ingredients.. you CAN DO this and you CAN eat healthy w/limited time and budget! Items You will need Some tomatoes – any good tasting tomatoes will do. Mozzarella Cheese – for this quick and easy recipe any will do – even string cheese if...

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Paleo Spaghetti Squash

Not Sure What to Do For Dinner?  JUST SQUASH IT! Looking for an easy meal?  You can use this as a base and add anything on top that you like! Every week I buy a spaghetti squash. I love them and they are actually affordable when they are in season. They are so easy and you can bake them or microwave them. I know some people are against microwaves so if you are you can simply cut open a spaghetti squash, toss a little salt and pepper on it and lay it on a cookie sheet and bake it...

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Kitchenaid Artisan 5-qt Stand Mixer Review 2018

Kitchen Aid Artisan Standing Mixer Oh, free-standing mixer, how do I love thee?? Let me count the ways! I just have to mention the Kitchen Aid Artisan Standing Mixer!! Here’s To Freedom In The Kitchen! YEAH! So, this year my Valentine’s day was surprisingly different! I have been eyeing a Kitchen Aid mixer since my husband and I got married 10 years ago. I never received one for my wedding, so I never followed up or saved up and bought one. I have been mixing all my recipes and cake mixes by hand ever since. Now, you can go ahead...

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Easy Holiday Entertaining and Decorating

Stylish, easy decorating for your next event– Use what you have! Use what you have! Yes! Best advice ever for decorating for the holidays but specifically for hosting an event this holiday season. Whether you are hosting any Holiday party, Christmas Eve , Christmas, Hanukkah or New Years, you can use these tips for decorating and setting up your entertaining easily and beautifully,  with items you already have around the house. In order to put together your entertaining space, first you need to decide on your theme casual or fancy, formal or informal,  then you need to decide on your color...

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How to Make Easy Crepes

Crepes!! Crepes!!! Crepes!! We all love crepes! But how do you make them? Easily! What do you serve them with? Anything really! And aren’t they just for special occasions??! No! They are for anytime and any day and anyone! Crepes are my go-to recipe for a fun and different breakfast on the weekends. Budget-friendly and simple, crepes are remarkably easy to make because they only require 6 ingredients that we normally all have on hand. The beauty of homemade crepes for is you can FILL them with almost anything sweet or savory and you can make them anytime for...

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Quick Easy and Delicious Recipes

Are you tired of always trying to come up with a new dinner for the family? Its stressful – we know. Let us send you our Favorite Recipes.

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