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How We Gave A Home to the Last Christmas Tree on The Lot

This Christmas season it was a busy one.  It is usually pretty busy for everyone around the holidays.  Time is precious and the last thing someone would think of doing is RETURNING THEIR CHRISTMAS TREE AFTER ITS ALL SETTLED AND DECORATED??!! But, that is exactly what we I did.   Christmas is full of good, cozy memories for me. Part of that is focused around the Christmas tree.  I LOVE the smell of a newly cut Christmas tree, coming into the cozy, warm house.  Getting the tree set up, and decorated w/its lights all the while enjoying a nice Egg nog with the family. SO, after this wonderful tree setting up experience, what I expect is to be able to enjoy the tree and lights for many nights to come during the Christmas season.  But this year, our tree FULLY died w/in about a week or so.  It was so dead, that it was actually a bunch of brown bristles, and every bit of the tree’s green had fallen off different branches. We had what was just a big, bunch of brown branches.  I just could see how this would work for me. It was not the standard “tree experience” I had come to love and enjoy.  I was really bummed about our dead tree. SO, after I realized we probably could no longer leave the lights on for hours...

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Entertaining For Large Groups while Still Having Fun!

We like to entertain at our house for family and friends.  Sometimes this can get out of hand as the host and it can be a bit daunting and stressful and in the end you don’t get to enjoy yourself.  Hopefully this will help you enjoy yourself and your event during the next time you host.  (this is what I did while hosting this years Christmas Eve dinner – but this should helpf for any large hosting event not just Christmas) My biggest pet peeve when entertaining is getting ready and all set to entertain a large group of family and friends and then as the host, I am having to spend the first hour and a half cooking or prepping appetizers and not really being able to socialize and enjoy the party myself. Luckily for me (and hopefully you) I found a great way to prep the apps, entertain and socialize with a group AND serve all the food hot and ready to go at the perfect time! How did I do this you ask? Well Here you go!! I love these appetizers and this light meal for a group for the holidays and they left me enough time that I was able to lay them out, serve up some cocktails, socialize and enjoy myself as the hostess immensely: The open house party plan……Cocktails and Light Apps….. Timing….Guests...

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6 Easy Steps to Delicious Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe

With this recipe I am going to show you how you can make Lemon Rosemary Chicken in 6 Easy steps.  And not only that – we are only going to use 1 Skillet.  You know what that means right?  Only one pan that you have to wash when you are done.  Love it! This dish is a classic and one we make a lot at our house.  This meal has a ton of flavor with the combination of Rosemary and Lemon you can’t go wrong.  It is very healthy and low in carbs.  And did I mention only one...

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The Busy Parent’s Easy Caprese Salad Recipe!!!

For any busy parent, time is of the essence!! We only have a few moments a day to get everyone else fed, and off to school and all their events.. let alone FEED OURSELVES!! Well, here is my answer to this classic problem… This is so easy and you probably have all the exact needed ingredients.. you CAN DO this and you CAN eat healthy w/limited time and budget! Items You will need Some tomatoes – any good tasting tomatoes will do. Mozzarella Cheese – for this quick and easy recipe any will do – even string cheese if...

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Paleo Spaghetti Squash

Not Sure What to Do For Dinner?  JUST SQUASH IT! Looking for an easy meal?  You can use this as a base and add anything on top that you like! Every week I buy a spaghetti squash. I love them and they are actually affordable when they are in season. They are so easy and you can bake them or microwave them. I know some people are against microwaves so if you are you can simply cut open a spaghetti squash, toss a little salt and pepper on it and lay it on a cookie sheet and bake it...

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Quick Easy and Delicious Recipes

Are you tired of always trying to come up with a new dinner for the family? Its stressful – we know. Let us send you our Favorite Recipes.

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