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How to Make Easy Crepes

Crepes!! Crepes!!! Crepes!! We all love crepes! But how do you make them? Easily! What do you serve them with? Anything really! And aren’t they just for special occasions??! No! They are for anytime and any day and anyone! Crepes are my go-to recipe for a fun and different breakfast on the weekends. Budget-friendly and simple, crepes are remarkably easy to make because they only require 6 ingredients that we normally all have on hand. The beauty of homemade crepes for is you can FILL them with almost anything sweet or savory and you can make them anytime for...

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How to Make Apple Pie Fries – 4 Delicious Apple Fries Recipes

1. Apple pie fries are a great alternative to apple pie. To some (including myself) these are even better than your apple pie. These are great finger food snacks. Crunchy, Sweet and easy to pick up and snack on. The recipe includes an apple filling, 2 piecrusts top and bottom (with apple filling in the middle) – egg wash, sprinkles of cinimon and sugar and and oven – optional is a caramel topping. View the full Recipe here   2. This recipe involves granny smith apples, Flower, Cinimaon, Sugar, eggs, Milk, baking soda and a pinch of salt all...

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Get Fresh! A 7-Day Paleo-Inspired Culinary Plan For All!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  I have big news! I have published my first E-book today on Amazon.  “Get Fresh! A 7-Day Paleo-Inspired Culinary Plan” is  great addition to your recipe collection! By thinking outside the box, I help you create paleo-inspired, budget-frendly creations for the whole family. Serve healthy alternatives, while saving money and using fresh foods for you and your family. Enjoy my suggested shopping lists, 6 paleo-inspired staples to keep on hand, and 7 days of recipes to enjoy and try today! . By kicking out the pre-made, processed foods from your kitchen...

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Lemon Kitchen’s Power Balls Snack!

BEST POWER BALLS EVER! I swear these are so easy and will melt in your mouth! Great energy snack, and a very healthy alternative to the everyday candy bar! Grab this recipe today and give it a try! This is a special sneak peak into my new E-Book,” 7 Day Paleo-Inspired Culinary Plan” — Lemon Kitchen’s Power Ball Recipe: Try these healthy little bites to satisfy your sweet tooth or if you need a little pick me up. Plain or covered in Dark Chocolate (I know not technically paleo – but its only a very small amount of chocolate...

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Muffin Tin Snack & Appetizer Spread! It Rocks!

Ok, so here is what Lemon Kitchen thinks seriously ROCKS for today’s post..  I recently heard about a new way to serve snacks, it’s this craze called Muffin Tin Madness! (Y’all may have already heard about it, but seeing as how I am usually at home taking care of kids, believe it or not, I am not always in the loop. If I dont happen to see it on Pinterest, I don’t know about it. It’s been a busy week. Ok? Ok! ) But seriously, there is a great site out there called  Lemon Kitchen loves this site!  This Muffin Tin Mom  has amazing...

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Quick Easy and Delicious Recipes

Are you tired of always trying to come up with a new dinner for the family? Its stressful – we know. Let us send you our Favorite Recipes.

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