Hey there everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful summer. After taking some time to vacation and relax this summer, it’s now time to get back into the lunch making groove for school already!
One of my son’s favorite meals, is super easy and a healthier alternative to your everday hotdog or sandwich.
I purchase chicken potstickers from Trader joes. They are healthier than other alternatives and very tasty! But the trick is you would think of this item normally as an appetizer, right?? BUT, my son loves these as a lunch for school!

Take out the bag of frozen potstickers, either chicken or veggie or whatever type you like.

Add a few tbsp of olive oil to the fry pan. Turn the pan on medium and let the oil heat up a bit.
Just when you think it is beginning to bubble…add the frozen potstickers..

Brown them a bit on medium-low or whatever temp best browns them without burning them.
After about 3 mins, I add about 2 tbsp of soy sauce and 1/4 c of water to the pan of potstickers.

This causes a big amount of steam, but stir them and get enough liquid in the pan to be able to steam them with the soy sauce in there,
cover and simmer on low until cooked through and softened.

The potstickers take on a great flavor with the soy sauce.

 My son loves these and I put them in his lunch box once a week.

Pack them in a reuseable container after cooled a bit, and with a refridgerator pack in the lunch, it makes for a great alternative.

Follow this same soy sauce and steaming pattern, however, toss these potstickers while hot onto a big bed of iceberg lettuce .
Add a splash of italian dressing, and drizzle some extra soy sauce over the “potsticker salad” and voila!!

Lunch for you and lunch for your kids at school all in ONE!!