Cuisinart Panini Maker

So, after thinking about how to make lunch and dinners easier,  I realized one thing in my kitchen repertoire that could come to the rescue is a panini maker.   Now many of you may think who needs a panini maker? when you can just fry up a grilled cheese on any old pan.  However, I have to confess the ease of this Cuisinart Panini maker is second to none and it has really helped us create fun meals all around.


Having traveled in Italy years ago, I ate an Italian panini sandwich everyday.   Spending my days wandering the lovely streets of Florence, Venice and Rome,  I found my goto food happened to be the panini.   It was usually sitting  cozily wrapped behind the deli counter case in white butcher paper, with the top of the sandwich hanging out, just right so it is ready for each bite.  They were tasty and transportable and priced just right!

So, here back at home,  I have wanted a way to duplicate this memory with all the taste and quality I found in Italy but doing it right here at home in my own kitchen.  So, I pulled out my Cuisinart Panini press and got going on making  easy, tasty, transportable  sandwiches in my own home!  This Cuisinart Panini press is easy to use.  Simply put in your sandwich, whether its Italian meats and provolone cheese with spinach and carmelized onions or just your favorite grilled cheese ingredients.  The non-stick grilling plates offer great grill marks on your sandwiches and toast it just right.  With the Cuisinart Panini press I was able to use the preset temperature gauge they have in the machine and ready light for my perfectly grilled sandwich.  The price definitely will save you money on your budget in the end.   The only slight drawback I noticed is it does weigh almost 6 pounds.  However, it is nice enough looking to leave out on your counter as I do, and then you don’t have to lift it out and in from the cabinet all the time.

For around $50, you can create Italian style paninis and enjoy home cooked meals instead of eating out.  I’ve managed to actually create family fun nights where we enjoy the cuisinart panini press or as my kids like to call it “the panini magic machine”, and save money instead of all 4 of us eating out for pizza or hamburgers like the usual eating out experience.