It’s Design Time! 

Welcome Lemon Kitchen friends…You all know how much I LOVE to entertain.. WELL, I have found my perfect match.   From time to time I will be reviewing and listing my favorite products for you to see and that will help you find easy decorating ideas –  and that is when you will know IT’S DESIGN TIME!

Hop on the design train and catch up with what is new and fun to add to your home or kitchen.  Find easy decorating ideas at your fingertips!

I’ll give you tips and tricks and how to use one or two entertaining or kitchen products in new ways to stretch your budget and to put that smile on your face.  Come on, now you know the smile I’m talking about.. we all have that smile once in a while.. it is when you just have that PERFECT thing on your mantel, that one thing you treated YOURSELF to.. then you see it everyday and it just warms up your whole room and makes YOU feel great.  That’s what I’m talking about!

It’s time to enjoy design and entertaining again with these easy decorating ideas.  Bringing it all back home.  Bring it home people, bring those smiles back home again.   Share in the fun and embrace your style for home. Take a moment and visit today!