Entertaining is a BIG LOVE for Lemon Kitchen. Finding ways to entertain a large family or a big group of friends with out breaking the bank is a fun challenge for me..  I love entertaining, but I love entertaining in style even more.  I like to purchase one new thing for my home or kitchen and figure out how to use it in mulitiple ways.

Recently I found an entertaining piece featured in Real Simple magazine and one of their top pics for entertaining stands.  I thought, WOW, what a cool concept. Buy ONE thing and be investing in my commitment to using it in different ways and to entertaining in different ways.  So, I did it. I purchased one piece and use it in a bunch of different ways. The piece I purchased you ask?
The Belle Meade Entertaining Stand.

I have used it in so many different ways.  I have used it as shown for a brunch display, and added croissants, smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagels laid out… I have actually set it up with mulitple desserts straight on the glass shelves (YES my mini bundt cakes!) for a dessert table WOW factor,  I have used it in the middle of the dining table with all kinds of different colored knick knacks mixed with candles and small vases of flowers, for a conversation starter centerpiece. 

This Belle Meade entertaining stand  can also be used as a cheese plate server, all different cheeses on the top glass shelf with dried fruit flowing all around, nuts , berries all cascading down around the cheese.. and an arrangement of all kinds of sliced baguettes and crackers and fresh grapes to enjoy with the cheeses on the lower shelf.  Or what about an Italian feast night and set up the double stand as an antipasto spread!!! Check out Whole Foods antipasto version here for some quick ideas of what to lay out on this great stand!

SO, many ways to add a little drama and easy entertaining ideas abound!  Invest in yourself and your entertaining options are endless! You will surprise yourself like I did on how many ways you can one piece! Plus, how fun to now have TONS of new ideas and reasons to invite EVERYONE over again and again!!!!  Check out this stand today CLICK HERE!