Growing up as an only child, I became quite accustomed to attending LOTS of adult dinner parties (no one else would think to bring their kids to my dismay). So, yup, you guessed it,  my palate was refined a bit early for the more “adult” tastes I’d like to say.    I mean I always loved and still love a good ol’ mac n cheese and such, but early on I was eating all different kinds of foods from all over the world because of the availability of great food & different kinds of restaurants in Berkeley, CA.

For a kid-friendly snack, my mom used to offer me dried dates stuffed with cream cheese and we’d have them out at parties around the holidays.  So, here is my twist on my mom’s version… FIGS and FUN!

So, years later I am now trying all kinds of things with my own kids.  I try to create different tastes whenever possible so that they can expand their tastes as well!  Here you find a VERY SIMPLE easy snack.  Kids and adults will enjoy all around!

To make FIGS and FUN —Slice and lay out Conadria dried figs, dried dranberries and low-fat cream cheese. THATS IT only three ingredients.  But look at how gorgeous the display is for helping to decorate your table and my kids LOVE this snack.

Next, lay the cream cheese on the sliced fig themselves and top it off with a cranberry or two. We also have topped this off with dried salted pistachios!  YUM! Try this easy appetizer and snack today –any dried figs, dried apricots etc will work!

Try all the different possibilities and put them in cute ramekins and you are set!