Feeling Cake Moody…Yes, I’m In A Cake Decorating Mood!

This article by Real Simple rocks big time!
Lemon Kitchen is loving this idea for cake decorating like a Pro!  
How simple, yet it looks so fancy!
What you need:  Sprinkles, Silver ball sprinkles, colored sugar, or anything
like this for cake decorating.  And different shaped cookie cutters. 
Simply lay the cookie cutter on the cake frosting top area, and fill with your
sprinkles. Then remove slowly.. click photo to see the full article.

Wow! Imagine how you could do different colored round
circles all over, or whatever shape cookie cutters for whatever time of year it is! 
With all different colored sprinkles..  the options are endless!
I will be doing this for my daughter’s birthday
and I might even throw together a St. Patrick’s day version with
all green circles and shapes a top the cake!


Source: realsimple.com via Jen on Pinterest

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