Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  I have big news! I have published my first E-book today on Amazon.  “Get Fresh! A 7-Day Paleo-Inspired Culinary Plan” is  great addition to your recipe collection!

By thinking outside the box, I help you create paleo-inspired, budget-frendly creations for the whole family. Serve healthy alternatives, while saving money and using fresh foods for you and your family.
Enjoy my suggested shopping lists, 6 paleo-inspired staples to keep on hand, and 7 days of recipes to enjoy and try today! . By kicking out the pre-made, processed foods from your kitchen you are well on your way to making wholesome, nutrient-rich meals for you and your family and friends.


Get Fresh! A 7-Day Paleo-Inspired Culinary Plan!


As a stay-at-home-mom of two school-age kiddos, I am not here to provide you with nutritional advice, I am here to show you how to cook with clean, fresh foods easily and affordably. I will help you instill some gourmet flavors in your daily cooking and show you how to keep a list of items in the kitchen and pantry to use on a weekly basis in different ways. I know how busy life can be, and I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes I have created over the years to make healthy eating more easily attainable, thus providing you with your own CULINARY PLAN to fresh eating!
So click above and you are on your way to a wonderful new culinary plan for your family!