It’s that time of season again. Well at least I think it is.  Is two days away from December consider the Christmas season?

Well whether it is or isn’t my kids are ready to get their gingerbread house making on.  We got our Gingerbread House Making Kit from Trader Joes.

I don’t know if everyone has a Trader Joes in their area or if its just in certain areas but we can not live with out it.  Best grocery store ever — but I digress.

So kiddos both have their own kit and we decided to build them tonight.

The kits come in a cool triangle shape – to build a cool A Frame style ginger house.

Trader Joes Gingerbread House Kit

Ill detail the easy steps below with some fun fam pics along the way.  Tis the Season (I think 🙂 ) Hope you enjoy!

Open up your pack and this is what you get on the inside.  The gingerbread, Frosting package (used for gluing everything together) little people for decoration, M&Ms, Gummies, and sprinkles which are sure to make a total mess – but all in good fun.

Mixing the Icing AKA Gingerbread House Mortar

In this step you are going to make the Icing that binds everything together.  You will start with a single egg white and whisk it up.  Then Add it to the Powder Sugar and mix it up until its a good mortar consistency.

Try not to get it too watery or you will have a harder time getting the good stuff to stick

Mix it Up!

Lacey working on mixing up the egg white and powered sugar.  It was pretty thick so we added a little lemon juice.  It thinned up pretty nicely.

Putting it together

Here we have Luke working hard on squeezing out the frosting onto the foundation footings and the edges of the frame to attach the roof to the ginger house.  His frosting was a little more runny but we worked through it.

Decorating Time

After the house is built – comes the fun decoration time.  Here Lacey is putting on the finishing touches – ignore the mess on the counter -thats gonna happen.

And there you have it – a quick and dirty high level view of the intricacies of building a ginger bread house from a Trader Joes Kit.