Are you looking for ways to serve healthy treats and have them look fancy to your family and guests?  I have discovered easy ways to serve fruit or other healthy desserts  in a new fancy way, by merging them with splashes of color across the tablescape.  These Cinnabar Tidbit bowlswith a deep red color like this will pump up your event without breaking the bank — take your meal and tablescape to a new level! Click the photo below…

Lemon Kitchen loves these Cinnabar Tidbit bowls.. just 4″around.. they make me smile.  I can’t wait to serve this to my kids and family.   Just three ingredients, some blueberries, strawberries and one star sugar cookie or just a little homemade whip cream on top will make a big splash with guests.

Just a little color on the dining table, some healthy fruit and a little sweet treat on the side, make for a spectacular show for your guests.

How cute would these be for Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas time. I will be using these all the time.  Using color on the table draws smiles from across the room. Light up the room with creative ways to use colorful dishes and the healthiest of foods–colorful fruits and veggies to compliment your decor.