It is February 1st and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day is coming! Ok, do NOT get stressed my friends, it IS two weeks away and I have found a quick and easy way to create the perfect Valentine treat — So, no stressing, just try this and you will love these and you will be set for your Valentine event. You can do this at home and make a bakery looking heart brownie in NO time at all!

Ok so first, you can use your favorite brownie mix (you can use any brand) or if you prefer baking from scratch try this recipe from

Either way you go, box or not, bake them according to package or recipe directions, except the most important thing is to line the 13×9 pan with aluminum foil so you can lift out the rectangle baked brownie shape.

SO, now watch and learn and you will see why this is a great trick of the trade for a heart to heart Valentine treat! Love this video! Thank you goes out to Howdiniguru on Youtube! You Rock!