Stylish, easy decorating for your next event– Use what you have!

Use what you have! Yes! Best advice ever for decorating for the holidays but specifically for hosting an event this holiday season. Whether you are hosting any Holiday party, Christmas Eve , Christmas, Hanukkah or New Years, you can use these tips for decorating and setting up your entertaining easily and beautifully,  with items you already have around the house.

In order to put together your entertaining space, first you need to decide on your theme casual or fancy, formal or informal,  then you need to decide on your color tones, and finally you will need to decide on which accents to bring to the table from around your home that go with your theme.

Think of what brings you the most joy, what are your favorite most memorable holiday items? This along with bringing the outside in will help to give you a focus to choose your theme, color tones, and accent pieces. Anytime you are using your favorite items along with nature’s beauty, it is a sure win for all!   Here is how to decorate easily with what you already

First,  in order to decide on doing a fancy/formal or casual/informal event, think through your space and area you have to use.  Decide whether you want to do a little re-staging of your home, maybe move around some unexpected pieces into different rooms to provide more of a formal or informal entertaining space.

Surprisingly, just changing out some living room to family room furniture, or mixing and matching desk and dining room chairs  with some formal fabric head chairs can bring a whole different feel to the event and a new fresh take on your entertaining space.   Another quick change is to move around artwork in the home for the specific space.

For example, in your dining room, you can change out some of the artwork, one of my favorites is to add some extra mirrors, varying in size around a main wall or add an artwork collage of mix and match artwork across the wall, and you have a totally different feeling for your entertaining space.  The space itself will lend itself to your casual or formal event quite well if you temporarily think through your space and get creative about “re-staging” it all from your own decor you already have around your home!

For the color tone decision, depending on the event, think of a color theme you like the most. It can be anything that brings you joy, it can be a green and red duo, blue and silver, silver and white, these are popular color duos for decorating around the holidays. But you can get creative and actually mix up or mash up colors, to get the most bang for your buck.

For example, for a Christmas Eve or Christmas event, you can mix up the standard green and deep red with some bright pink and bright midnight blue or my favorite adding in a pop of lime green! Add some gold tones in as well and you have a mash-up of happy celebratory colors, creating a festive and fun environment for you and your guests!  Sometimes mixing up the standard holiday festive colors with a surprise color pop or two can really make the difference in your guests experience!

Lastly, you can easily mix with classic decor items from other places in your home with some of your favorite accent pieces, centerpieces and more.  For example, grab up a few of your clear wider mouthed vases of varying heights and lay them in a random pattern in a line down the middle of your dining table.   Fill each one with different grouped themed ornaments for your particular holiday.

You can fill these with a mixed up grouping of your favorite ornaments, red ball ornaments, lime green toned ornaments, one with multi colored mixed up ornaments, one with pink and so on. There are endless options to fill these vases, you can also think about all of nature’s  elements around you and available to you.   Pull in some greenery cut from your garden and use these in the vases or simply down the middle of your table as a table garland! Options are endless!

Remember, when you think of decorating it can be overwhelming for those who do not enjoy it. but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it can be fun and easy!  Just try changing up these few different things, your theme, color tone, and moving around accents, bring the outside in and there you have it!

You already have in your home to provide you with a new look in the same old space!