CrepesCrepes!! Crepes!!! Crepes!! We all love crepes! But how do you make them? Easily! What do you serve them with? Anything really! And aren’t they just for special occasions??! No! They are for anytime and any day and anyone!

Crepes are my go-to recipe for a fun and different breakfast on the weekends. Budget-friendly and simple, crepes are remarkably easy to make because they only require 6 ingredients that we normally all have on hand.

The beauty of homemade crepes for is you can FILL them with almost anything sweet or savory and you can make them anytime for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or a snack!

Wow, who knew crepes could be so versatile and popular!

So, how do you make them?? They are super simple! That is right. You will need the following ingredients and the following pans and such to make our crepe recipe.

First, you will need one large skillet, any one will do that is about 12-15 inches in diameter. You will also need a bowl to mix in, a ladle to spoon the batter into the buttered pan, and a spatula to flip the crepes.

As far as ingredients, you will need to pull the following out of your pantry and fridge:
Eggs, Milk, Water, Salt, Flour, and Butter


As far as toppings: Anything goes!

For sweet toppings…try Fresh fruit, jams, jellies, Nutella, powdered sugar, syrup, whipped cream, peanut butter, sour cream or non-nut butter or sweetened ricotta or regular butter or greek yogurt!  Just about anything can be used individually as a filling or topping on these crepes.

You can mix and match your toppings/fillings anyway you’d like! For savory crepes, you can add butter, sour cream and chives, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, any kind of cheese, fill with meats, cheeses, cooked veggies, of any kind or mixture!


Makes 6 crepes (approximately 10 inches across).

In a large bowl, mix the following ingredients and amounts:

2 cups flour
4 whole eggs
1 tsp salt
1 cup water
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons melted butter

Crepe Ingredients

Mix these ingredients well until all combined.

After mixing, this will end up as a much more liquidy consistency than most of us are used to for traditional pancake batter. The “watery” consistency is what helps the batter stay thin while cooking in the pan and as you “roll” the batter around the base of the pan, it thins out and cooks evenly.

Add a tsp of butter to your frying pan (you can add this or skip it if you have a very good nonstick pan). Then slowly, Heat up your skillet/frying pan to medium high and ladle in one and half ladles of batter. Once the batter is in the pan, lift the pan and “ROLL” the batter around the bottom of the pan to thin it out a bit. This will help it cook evenly.

Crepe in pan

Cook each side on medium/medium high until both sides are gently browned and no longer liquid and cooked through completely. You flip them like pancakes, back and forth until done.

Once the crepe is cooked, you simply place it on your plate, add your toppings of choice and voila! Crepes are done! You can eat them rolled up, folded completely up on each side like a square envelope so to speak, or simply eat them laid out on the plate and load them up with any of your favorite toppings. Any way you decide to fill them, you are guaranteed to love them as they just melt in your mouth!

Enjoy this simple recipe any day or time!