Lemon Kitchen Blog’s Blender Tips and Recipes for today….

Blenders and Bread Crumbs!

So, today I was working on my favorite Mac and Cheese recipe and realized I was out of bread crumbs. SO, I turned to my trusty kitchen friend, my Oster Blender. This oster blender is awesome! It has come to my rescue many a time. I thought I’d fill you in on some cooking tips as well as some mommy tricks which I owe to my Oster blender.. thus, I am “Blender Happy” and so you can be too! This blender works very well, it has alot of power and it really does everything from chops ice to tmaking smoothies.

In particular today, I really needed bread crumbs so I went to my freezer where I store my left over ends of bread. I keep them in the freezer and then use them for french toast or bread crumbs, thus never letting anything go to waste. For the bread crumbs, I take the frozen bread and toss it in the blender, I add a dash or two of italian seasoning and grind it into smithereens. I have toasted it beforehand as well, and then tossed it in the toaster but either way it works for me. Then toss the excess crumbs into a freezer tight container and save them for the next meal/recipe or to coat chicken or eggplant parmesean. Using up the old bread ends, is a great way to re-use things you might normally toss out, save a little money and add some flavor to all your recipes!

Next…Blenders and Banana Milkshakes!

“Blender Happy” Banana Milkshake

I make this “shake” for my kids. They really think it is truly a milkshake and actually doesn’t taste much different. The key sneaky ingredient adds the texture of a milkshake and its a A plus in my kids book! First, save all your aging and bruised bananas in the freezer for use in shakes later on!

1 c Ice (more or less depending on how thick you want the shake)
1 1/2c non fat milk
1 banana whole (from freezer is great b/c it adds to the coldness!)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp instant vanilla pudding mix
Blend thoroughly for about 30 seconds on “grind” setting or other med-hi chopping setting. Enjoy!
It is usually enough for two small shakes for my kids.. they love them and once in a while if I have honey on hand, Ill omit the pudding mix and add a little honey! YUM!