This Christmas season it was a busy one.  It is usually pretty busy for everyone around the holidays.  Time is precious and the last thing someone would think of doing is RETURNING THEIR CHRISTMAS TREE AFTER ITS ALL SETTLED AND DECORATED??!!

But, that is exactly what we I did.   Christmas is full of good, cozy memories for me. Part of that is focused around the Christmas tree.  I LOVE the smell of a newly cut Christmas tree, coming into the cozy, warm house.  Getting the tree set up, and decorated w/its lights all the while enjoying a nice Egg nog with the family.

SO, after this wonderful tree setting up experience, what I expect is to be able to enjoy the tree and lights for many nights to come during the Christmas season.  But this year, our tree FULLY died w/in about a week or so.  It was so dead, that it was actually a bunch of brown bristles, and every bit of the tree’s green had fallen off different branches.

We had what was just a big, bunch of brown branches.  I just could see how this would work for me. It was not the standard “tree experience” I had come to love and enjoy.  I was really bummed about our dead tree. SO, after I realized we probably could no longer leave the lights on for hours because of being a potential fire hazard….I decided to do something about it.

I called Home Depot and complained.  I explained how bummed out I was that this was the Christmas experience we were having.  Within a MOMENT of me mentioning this,   Home Depot said, BRING It back and exchange it at NO CHARGE.

I SAID “OK, I WILL!”.  And….. SO I DID… I UNDECORATED IT, I took off all the lights, lifted it up and put it outside into the back of our truck.  I vacuumed up a mountain of pine needles.. the largest amount I had ever seen.  And I headed to Home Depot.

I got to Home Depot, hopped out of the truck and went to talk to them about my exchange.  The kind worker said, “Yes, pick out the one you want to exchange it for and then we will take your dead tree back.”
So, I proceeded to walk the tree lot. NOT MANY TREES left.. IT WAS SLIM PICKENS. BUT, after about 5 minutes of searching. I came upon a perfect tree because it was the most imperfect of trees.

I found a tree, whom we know call “TRIM” the tree, and I knew right away, he was the tree for us.  “TRIM” had a long extra arm, like a snowman’s arm sticking right out his right side.

I knew, as one of the last standing trees in the lot, he might need a new home and we sure needed him. SO, “TRIM” our new tree w/an extra arm, unlike ANY Other shaped tree we had had before, would now have a new home for the holiday season.