So you maybe wondering what “Dash It Up” means but let me tell you since I introduced Mrs. Dash Original Spice to my son, he is eating SO many more healthy items without any complaints!

We started with adding Mrs. Dash Original Spice to the poached eggs he loves (see recipe here) and low and behold it was a huge hit!

Soon after, he realized he just loves to add Mrs. Dash to all vegetables, especially broccoli his favorite! He adds it to chicken, turkey burgers, any salad, pasta salad, all types of eggs, basically it’s now a fun thing we try each day or during the week. We say shall we “Dash it up??” and he yells “Yes” and soon after whatever the bland food was before, it is now his favorite item! All without adding any additional sodium. What a good deal! So take a chance, and try something different for your kids or yourself today. “Dash it up” today!!!!