It’s Manic Monday Mention Time!  Just got back from a crazy time in the French Quarter in New Orleans….. beads and fried food….dips and drinks….and can’t stop thinking about all the fun times had there this weekend…. seriously, late nights and good food and good friends.. what more do you need? 

So, in the spirit of the craziness of NOLA and the beginning of Mardi Gras, today is Manic Monday Mention Time!  Get crazy people!  Check out this morning’s pick….. 

The Riverstone Stacking Platters and the Riverstone Tapas Set by Willow House.  With these two sets, you get style, grace and elegance all packed with a punch! 

With these Riverstone Stacking Platters and the Riverstone Tapas Set you can simply add a finger food like vegetables and hummus to this set for a quick and easy people pleaser, or try fig jelly over mascarpone cheese on toasted baguettes to the platters for a quick bruschetta appetizer.

With the taupe, blue-gray and white pieces, your table will look fantastic with all of these pieces together and can also be used separately.  The timeless design is just calling for you to have a party and makes entertaining easy.  With mulitiple uses for each platter and tapas dish and being oven safe to 450F –your options are endless!   So, Anything goes! Just like in New Orleans!

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Don’t miss out on these Riverstone Platters and  Riverstone Tapas sets!