Ok, so here is what Lemon Kitchen thinks seriously ROCKS for today’s post..  I recently heard about a new way to serve snacks, it’s this craze called Muffin Tin Madness! (Y’all may have already heard about it, but seeing as how I am usually at home taking care of kids, believe it or not, I am not always in the loop. If I dont happen to see it on Pinterest, I don’t know about it. It’s been a busy week. Ok? Ok! )

But seriously, there is a great site out there called www.muffintinmom.com.  Lemon Kitchen loves this site!  This Muffin Tin Mom  has amazing ideas on there for all kinds of snacks you can use your muffin tins for!

Here is my attempt at muffin tin madness….

Basically this all started because I hosted Easter brunch at my house and then I was invited to an Easter dinner and had to bring some apps for adults and kids.  I had just heard about Muffin Tin Mom, and thought hmm… Maybe I can throw together a bunch of snacks and apps all in one place and have it LOOK like an amazing Easter fun spread. SO, to my amazement, it did look AWESOME, it rocked and everyone loved it. The  kids AND adults loved it and the best thing, is that is was VERY inexpensive to put together but got alot of bang for the buck!

I realized I had goat cheese and quickly added honey and some dill and mixed together to taste (this by the way is a GREAT spread that my sister-in-law Emily introduced me to.  It is so easy because you literally mix it up and put it on crackers and it is gourmet and good to go.)  So, that is one DIP I put in my muffin tin for the adults and the ranch is for the kids. I added some crackers, goldfishy type crackers, veggies, dried figs, raisins etc, and I was good to go.  So, there you have it! Easy peasy, healthy and inexpensive! Try it and take some time to check out this Muffin Tin Mom’s site and you will get lots of new ideas!