My “Joy Of Cooking” and How I Use It!

Over the years, I have to say as a “professional” Stay-At-Home-Mom,  I have often turned to my cook book collection to increase my knowledge and experience in the kitchen.   I have been collecting cookbooks off and on since I was a teenager.

However,  I have to say one of the most helpful cookbooks is the one that has stood the test of time.  “Joy of Cooking” by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker.

I turn to this cookbook for hints and help.  I use it as a cooking bible to help me plan traditional holiday meals, bake a roast, or make a stroganoff! There are certain things you learn along the way from trial and error. Then there are things you NEED to learn asap, because your whole extended family is coming for a holiday dinner and you need to know how to make a rack of lamb quickly and correctly!!!!!! Right? Right! Check it out at the link above and you’ll find many different recipes and ways to learn from this book! It is a must have for home cooks! Start your JOY of Cooking today!!