Not Sure What to Do For Dinner?  JUST SQUASH IT!

Looking for an easy meal?  You can use this as a base and add anything on top that you like!

Every week I buy a spaghetti squash. I love them and they are actually affordable when they are in season. They are so easy and you can bake them or microwave them.

I know some people are against microwaves so if you are you can simply cut open a spaghetti squash, toss a little salt and pepper on it and lay it on a cookie sheet and bake it middle side up for 45 mins at 350F.

To microwave it, put it in whole after puncturing it 4-5 times with a knife (be careful to ease the knife in and out of the squash) then microwave for 12 minutes on high on a plate.

Cooked Spaghetti Squash

I am sure there are other ways to cook the spaghetti squash as well – but this is from my experience and we have done both and they turn out great either way.  But the main thing is once it is done remember it is super hot on the inside.

The juices tend to steam up and get quite hot, so when scooping out the seeds, use caution.. Scooping you say?? Yes, you will scoop out the middle seeds and mushy part (toss that out, kind of like the slimy part of the pumpkin seeds) you will be leaving the “spaghetti” meat of the squash which is stringy. You will also scrape this out and it will look like spaghetti noodles! It is the best!

Lay the “noodles” out on your plate and top with your favorite spaghetti sauce, meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, grilled veggies or anything you like to put on “noodles”. The spaghetti squash just needs a little salt, pepper, lemon pepper, olive oil, or Italian seasoning, or spaghetti sauce and you are golden!

You can add a savory sauce of choice, a meat option like meatballs, add a sauteed veggie of choice, like mushrooms, add some sprinkles of Parmesan and voila!  Enjoy an inexpensive meal while avoiding the carbs and starch of pasta.

This will serve about 2-3 adults for a medium size spaghetti squash! Pair it with a Caesar or other salad and its super easy to entertain with this easy meal! Spaghetti Squash Marinara

JUST SQUASH IT! (couldn’t resist!)


ps- let us know if you try this and send pictures we will add them to the recipe post – your squash will be famous 🙂