What’s A Roux or Rue? Either way you spell it.. Think of It As The Home Cook’s Glue!! It holds all the family recipes together like glue! You need it for texture, taste and cooking time!! Not to mention you will save money being able to make many a meal from scratch! You can use a roux as the jump starter to home-made mac and cheese, corn chowder, potato soup, and tuna casserole. It will save you time and money! So lets get down to business and give up the fear of making a Roux!

You will need a frying pan,
about 4 tbsp of olive oil,
about 2 tbsp of butter
and about 6 or so tbsp of flour.
Thats it!

Seems daunting, yet making this starter is quite simple.

Heat your oil and butter in a medium size fry pan on medium high. You will know its ready b/c it will be sizzling w/little bubbles. Add your flour into the oil mixture and stir, stir , stir.. Then reduce to low heat for a few mins to let the flour actually cook. As you don’t want to burn the flour. The lower heat while cooking through the mixture will help with the thickening process. You will see it thickens right up into a paste like form.  When I make a roux it ends up like toothpaste consistancy or a little thicker. 

Now that you have made your thickening agent….Your choice is to add milk or chicken broth depending on what type of recipe you are following. Let’s say for Mac and Cheese, you will want to add 2 cups of milk to this thickened flour roux..you’ll notice the milk thickens and would be ready to be added to a soup as a soup base or a mac and cheese recipe..

*** And yes, you guessed it I’ll be posting how I make my own homemade mac and cheese w/non-fat milk and cheddar cheese and high fiber macaroni noodles!! So keep a look out for that asap!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!! And conquer your fear of the roux today!