You asked for it, You got it!

Salmon & Dill — What A Thrill!!

What to do with that can of Pink Salmon in your pantry?
I’ve got it! Make a salmon, dill and cream cheese spread for all to love!
I made this for my in-laws and family and it was a hit!
Here is the recipe for a quick and easy appetizer for any and all salmon lovers!

Jen’s Salmon & Dill Dip

1 can of Pink Salmon 3.5 oz can
2 tbsp low fat mayo or regular mayo
1/4 tsp Lemon pepper
6 oz of cream cheese
1/2 tsp dry Dill

Mix salmon, mayo, cream cheese, dill, and lemon pepper in small bowl. Feel free to add more cream cheese or spices to taste or texture of your particular choice. This dip once mixed can be served right away with whole wheat crackers or covered with saran wrap and set in fridge for use later in the day. The longer the ingredients sit together in the fridge, the more the flavors will merge together and blend into a fantastic easy and inexpensive dip for your next event! Serves approximately 4-6 people.

Enjoy and spread it on some crackers today!