Easy Pumpkin Recipe: Looking for a festive Fall dessert that is sure to please?! Not feeling like actual Pumpkin pie this season? Then try this warm and toasty, festive fall dessert. So, take a chance, go now, invite some neighbors over, put on a pot or two of soup, tear up a couple loaves of sourdough bread, and serve a festive green salad… and then SERVE THIS WONDERFUL Easy pumpkin dessert!

AND you are on your way to entertaining on a budget on any Fall or Winter evening.

Pumpkin Rice Pudding:   Ready for a toasty dessert this Fall?

Ooh LA LA!  Can you say, yummy rice pudding, yummy rice pudding, yummy rice pudding, three times fast?

I bet you can. If you really concentrate you can do it, imagine yourself biting into a bit of pumpkin heaven. It melts in your mouth and the aroma will be wonderful to fill your home on halloween, Thanksiving or any fall night. Big thanks to Food Network for introducing me to this yummy alternative for a pumpkin dessert! Had to share it with you all! 
Simple, yet complicated in flavor. Just what the “coziest” evening calls for!