Here is a great Lemon Kitchen recommendation:

Trader Joe’s sells Spiral Vines
Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 for $4.99. 

Spiral Vines Cabernet This is a great full-bodied Cabernet from Napa Valley. It is one of the kinds of bottles from Trader Joe’s where you don’t exactly know WHICH winery is suppling the vino, (and they don’t make it known to tell you), however, it doesn’t really matter. This wine is bold, full-bodied and I just love the rich berry undertones. It goes well with your best rich sausage & crimini mushroom spaghetti, some great garlic bread and a yummy italian salad.

You can’t beat the deal and the richness is second to none!

Try it today!
See how I use it in my Cab and Cacciatore recipe here

and you can too!