Mouth Watering Be My Valentine Brownie Bites ….Thinking about making these? 
Well, Yes! Yes! Yes YOU CAN make these for Valentine’s Day!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…. Just keep on .. You Can Do It!

 Thanks goes out to for this amazing and easy Valentine treat! Get going and make these! 

Quick Instructions: (as adapted from )

Make your favorite brownies as directed by your favorite recipe or from your favorite box.   After baking, use a melon scooper or other such item to scoop out small balls of brownie. Then,  cool brownies and put in freezer or in fridge until they harden up a little bit.  While these are chillin’, melt your favorite white chocolate (as shown) or dark chocolate would work, and dip the balled brownies into the melted chocolate and let cool on parchment paper on top of plate.   See the link above for exact instructions.  But you can also simply roll these brownie balls in granulated sugar or powdered sugar or cocoa powder. 

Note: Lemon kitchen says, try rolling them in CINNAMON SUGAR for a twist on this  recipe & ENJOY!