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First Family-Friendly Breakfast Tip!!! So now that we have been formally introduced, I can tell you I try to get my creative juices flowing in order to come up with healthy, easy to make breakfasts for my son before school. I am talking about actually making something from scratch without serving Trader Joe’s Gluten Free waffles etc. I mean we all have and do the quick pre-made breakfast.. but this time I was a little amazed and really excited to know my son prefers something cooked by me each morning. It’s not always possible, but the other day, my son was watching me eating some poached eggs. He asked to taste them and he loved them (he’s had them before but not for a while) but this time he really loved them! So, I thought I’d share what I use and how quickly I can make eggs in the am and what I serve with them. One of my first yummy healthy recipes for all to try! Here we go….

First, I take my 7″ smallest fry pan and fill it 1/2 up with water. Crack two cage free eggs (yes I do cage free as much as I can from Trader Joes–I think they are tastier ) into the water directly and watch them flutter around. Turn the pan onto med-hi and they begin to simmer in the pan. After 4 1/2 mins or 5 mins or so of almost boiling the eggs (this depends on your temp of top of stove), they are poached eggs.. you’ll notice some of the whites float off, but on the whole the whites should form together and be firm to the touch..the yolk will be buttery and on the runny side. If you prefer more well done for your eggs, keep it in the heated water longer.. and ENJOY!

Next I put them in a bowl and we add lemon pepper. This is then put atop of the whole wheat 100 calorie thins they now sell at the grocery store. The eggs on these high fiber thin hamburger buns.. and a glass of OJ and we’re set and out the door carpooling to school all for 20 cents per egg, and 50 cents for the whole wheat thin, maybe a few pennies for a small OJ.. and some banana sliced on the side or something similar.

It makes for a super quick egg sandwich which we love here at the house! So it’s worth a shot to see if this family-friendly meal fits your needs. Sometimes you can make the most wonderful yummy healthy recipes with just a few ingredients and the result can surprise you! The moral of the story, is we NEVER know exactly what the kids will like to eat so it is worth it to research and try new things! You might surprise yourself and your family, making your life easier in the kitchen, saving some pennies here and there, and most of all making your family happy with cozy tummies!